The Emotional
Emergency Toolkit 

Feel better than you ever have before

Includes Yoga Sequences, Meditation Tapes, & Sacred Self Care Rituals to complete in the comfort of your own home!

What You Get

Guided Meditations

These practices are the perfect introduction to meditation and how simple it can be. You can practice each meditation as often as you want and these will stay in your library whenever you need the extra support.

Grounding Yoga Sequences

Grounding Yoga sequences will support you in getting out of your head and into your body. These will intro you to breathwork, movement, meditation and how to finally find freedom in the mind and body. 

Sacred Self Care Rituals

Daily rituals will support not only your self care but your overall well being. All you have to do is mark out time in your schedule to keep yourself on track throughout this experience.


Access the Toolkit

The Emotional Emergency Toolkit combines the meditation practices, movement, and sacred self care rituals for you to jumpstart your spiritual journey and bring you back home to YOU. The transformative power of committing to yourself in this way will support you in creating the shift you have been looking for. You no longer have to feel helpless when you're stuck in overwhelm, stress, or anxiety... Instead,  you'll have the practices to stop old beliefs and thoughts in their tracks and shift into a new feeling that feels GOOD for you! 

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"Better Than Ever"

The Meditation

A meditation to 10x your last season's Highlight Reel